Development and demonstration of optical technology for finding and tracking singularity cells

Name: Tomonobu M Watanabe
Affiliation: RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research
Major: Biophysics
Role: Development and demonstration of basic technology based on laser optics

In order to discuss a singularity phenomenon, after confirming the occurrence of the singularity in macro scale, retrograde observation is required to define the cell causing the critical point as candidates for singularity cells. This research group develop the new technologies, (1) to track the physiological function of cells with single cell sensitivity in a mouse whole body (non-invasive physiological functional imaging method), and (2) to simultaneously observe the state and movement of all cells contributing the targeted behavior in a tissue (all-cell kinetic imaging technology). These achieve trans-scale observation of singularity phenomena.

Name: Tsuyoshi Shiina 
Affiliation: Graduate School of Medicine and Facility of Medicine Kyoto University
Major: Medical Imaging System Sciences
Role: Development of photoacoustic imaging system