Single cell manipulation and gene expression analysis for “Singularity Biology”

Name: Katsuyuki Shiroguchi
Affiliation: RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research
Major: Biophysics, Quantitative Omics
Role: Cell manipulation, Gene expression analysis

In order to investigate internal states (e.g., gene expression) of cells related to “singularity events”, we will develop a system, including quick cell isolation, which enables gene expression analysis for targeted single cells based on imaging, mathematical, and information analysis. By this approach, we will identify singularity event-related genes, and will understand molecular mechanism(s) behind the singularity events. Moreover, we will open a window for manipulation of singularity events by, e.g., controlling the expression of identified particular genes.

Name: Eiryo Kawakami
Affiliation: RIKEN Medical Sciences Innovation Hub Program
Major: Systems Biology
Role: Cooperation in gene expression analysis