Anaysis of singularity cell in the developmental pattern formation

Name: Kazuki Horikawa
Affiliation: Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Tokushima University
Major: Biophysics
Role: Identification of singularity cell and system control

Developmental pattern formation is the excellent model of singularity phenomena. By introducing newly developed trans-scale imaging, we will investigate the onset dynamics of collective signaling in the population of social amoeba (>10,000 cells) at 1-cell resolution. Our goals are to address how small number of cell controls the population dynamics, and how such singularity cells emerge in initially indistinguishable population. We will also develop strategies for controlling and predicting population dynamics by focusing on the function of small number of singularity cells.

Name: Tatsuya Takemoto
Affiliation: Institute of Advanced Medical Sciences, Tokushima University
Major: Embryology
Role: Develoment of genetic circuit and genome edited mice