July 12th (Fri) Seminar at Hokkaido University

Title: Binding and linkage between complex orders – an example from cellular
slime mold.

Prof. Satoshi Sawai, 

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University
of Tokyo   (Singularity Biology A03)

[Date] 10:00-18:00 July 12th (Fri)
[Venue] RIES (Hokkaido University), Northern Campus Building No.5, Seminar room 1-2
Access: https://www.es.hokudai.ac.jp/english/about/

[Language] English


A profound example of cellular self-organization can be seen in the social amoebae Dictyostelium discoideum, where populations of undifferentiated cells forms multicellular structure through collective migratory behavior.  Increase in extracellular chemoattractant cAMP, through membrane-bound receptor signaling invokes a transient rise in cytosolic cAMP that is secreted to excite other cells.  The resulting synchronized oscillations and waves of extracellular cAMP act as a cue to direct aggregation of several thousand cells into a single mound where cells differentiate, migrate and sort out to form a multicellular structure.  Based on live cell imaging and mathematical analysis, our lab has brought to light dynamical understanding of the key steps that dictate the self-organizing behavior.   In this talk, I will go over 1)
how the oscillations of cAMP begin, 2) how it is realized robustly under various conditions, 3) how cells ‘perceive’ the cAMP wave for migration, and how 4) local cell-cell contact signal work together with the diffusible cAMP signal during pattern formation in the multicellular mound.

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