Pacifichem Day2

Singularity Biology Symposium at #Pacifichem2021, “Trans-scale Biochemical Analysis of Rare Events in Living Systems: Singularity Biology (#73)” DAY2
(2021 December 19, 13:00pm~17:00pm HST)

Session1 Chair:  Jin Zhang (University of California, San Diego)
● Xiao Wang  (Broad Institute of MIT)  “From Three-Dimensional Single-Cell Transcriptomics to Brain Function”
● Hiroko Bannai (Waseda University) “Approach to Alzheimer’s disease by singularity biology”
  Coffee Break
Session2 Chair:  Xiao Wang (Broad Institute of MIT)
● Xuejun Jiang (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) “Ferroptosis, mechanisms and role in disease”
● Shuichi Onami (RIKEN) “Development of bioimage informatics methods for Singularity Biology
Coffee Break
Session3 Chair:  Kazuki Horikawa (Tokushima University)
● Shasha Chong (California Institute of Technology)  “Dynamic and Selective Low-Complexity Domain Interactions Control Gene Transcription: A Single-Molecule Study”
● Katsuyuki Shiroguchi (RIKEN) “An automated microscopy-based picking system for single cells which links dynamic behavior with whole gene expression”
● Tomoya Katakai (Niigata University) “The battle of two singularities: immune response vs. tumorigenesis”