Pacifichem Day3

Singularity Biology Symposium at #Pacifichem2021, “Trans-scale Biochemical Analysis of Rare Events in Living Systems: Singularity Biology (#73)” DAY3
(2021 December 20, 13:00pm~17:00pm HST)

Session1 chair:  Xing Chen  (Peking University)
● Steve Presse (Arizona State University)  “Learning about life’s processes one photon at a time”
● Tamiki Komatsuzaki (Hokkaido University)”Causal inference in Leader-follower relationship in singularity biology”
  Coffee Break

Session2 Chair:  Katsuyuki Shiroguchi (RIKEN)
● Yi Qin Gao (Peking University) “A domain segregation perspective for chromatin structure change in development, differentiation, and carcinogenesis”

● Mariko Okada (Osaka University) “A computational platform for mathematical modeling of cancer networks”

  Coffee Break
Session3 chair:  Shasha Chong (California Institute of Technology)
● Xing Chen (Peking University) “Click-ExM: expansion microscopy for all biomolecules.”
● Yuichi Togashi (Ritsumeikan University. RIKEN) “Mechanical interference and control in micromachine crowds: towards modeling of cells of singularity”
● Kenjiro Hanaoka (Keio University)  “Development of a pH ratiometric fluorescence probe for in vivo imaging and its biological applications”